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almost done solving the puzzle of where they give birth. >> reporter: researchers tried this not once but with 17 different sharks. each time without injury to man or shark. >> adios, amigo. >> reporter: giving scientists a chance to study these ancient creatures like never before from the safety of their computers back home. neal karlinsky, abc news. >> and that is the only way to study a shark is from the safety of a computer, i think. expedition great white airs tonight on the national geographic channel. >> stay with us for "good morning america" coming up a >> just moments away, a community is struck after a child is murdered. city leaders say they will take action to stop the violence. >> moreover aside for metro. the white house could be on the verge of a new plan to take over
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subway safety. >> i hope we can find my dad's remains. >> a desperate family makes one last plea for the missing remains of a war hero. "good morning washington" begins now. >> live and in hd, this is a "good morning washington" on your side. >> i am doug mcelway. >> i'm alice and stalling. i hop yo-- alison starling. >> years brian van de graaff. >> it was 72 yesterday. not as mild today. there is cooler air trying to get in from the north. highs today in the low 60's. there will be lots of sunshine. 55 downtown, 40's in the
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suburbs. some afternoon clouds. high around 6065. what is traffic light on this monday, lisa? >> pretty decent. police are checking for crashed onto 70 southbound between 109 and 121. apparently the vehicles were on both shoulders, but that will cause disruptions. we're not sure of what will happen when emergency equipment arrives. no problems right now along 95. good on 66. overnight construction in tyson will be out of there soon. a nice ride through southern maryland. 228, 220, 50 on a good run. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, community and crisis. >> city leaders are taking action after a weekend shooting leaves a nine year-old dead inside his home.
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of glenn debts was gunned down on columbia road on saturday night. police are cracking down on the violence. courtney is live in northwest to tell us how they plan to do that. >> this has shocked neighbors. this murder of a nine year-old boy has brought up questions of building security at this apartment building. city leaders say it's unsafe. the city plans to inspect the building to make sure it is secure. officers are looking for the present responsible for killing the boy. it was a single bullet can catch and at someone inside the apartment that took the life of nine year-old oscar glenn says. >> i cannot even understand what their mother is going through. >> around 9:45 saturday night the boy was in his apartment on columbia road nw. the gunman shot through the
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front door from the hallway. they won't say why. >> a lot of people started to cry after the shot was fired. and the police came. >> the police are on 24 lots of the building. city leaders are telling us the complex is riddled with gang activity, unsafe, and some worry could lead to more tragic loss of life. >> if the doors are open. anybody can come in and. >> highlights for my kids to be safe at home. we have to put a stop to this. >> councilman jim graeme toward the building yesterday with an inspector. he says a new front door for the apartment building has been ordered. officers have interviewed a number of people about this, looking for the person responsible for killing oscar fuentes. this happened during an all hands on deck weekend for police. >> metro says it would welcome
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additional safety oversight by the. in response to a washington post reported that said the obama administration plans to propose that the u.s. transportation department take over safety regulation on the nation's subways and the light rail systems. administration officials are responding to a brolin -- growing number of collisions, including the deadly crash on the metro red line last june. virginia will express no lger expects delays on the fredericksburg line today. it said last week that signal will likely push the schedule behind, but the work went faster than expected. the natchez and fredericksburg lines will operate on normal schedule today. >> if president obama is in sign on the third leg of its four nation -- his four nation tour of asia. destocking tsvangirai this morning where he held a town hall meeting with chinese university students, pledging to
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work with china does all global, economic, and security problems. the president says he is still deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. secretary of state to hillary clinton says the u.s. need more accountability from the country before sending in more aid. she said the primary mission is defeating al qaeda in afghanistan, not to be there long term. >> terrorist suspects being held at guantanamo bay may eventually be removed to a prison in illinois. federal officials will check out of that facility today. republicans arblasting the decision to put five men accused of plotting the september 11 attacks on trial in new york city. >> i am troubled by the symbolism of it. seems to me the obama administration is getting away from the fact that we are at war with these terrorists. >> we are confident about these cases. we believe this is the appropriate thing to do. >> republicans field trials would create a security risk.
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woodlan the detainees from guantanamo to illinois -- so what would moving the detainees from guantanamo to illinois. >> the washington post is reporting that following the terrorist attack at fort hood, pat robertson said islam is "not a religion but a violent political system and those practicing it should be treated like a fascist party." mcdonald attended law school at robertson university. >> in landover, the skins have picked up another win, but it took a little trickery. >> going the other way. wide open. inside the end zone. >> the field goal turned into a touchdown pass -- a fake field
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goal. the skins held on to that momentum throughout the second half, winning 27-17. damour highlights and reaction coming up a little later. >> the first time we have heard tiers like that at that stadium in a long time. >> i know. >> 5:07. 55 degrees. >> still ahead, the countdown to lift off is on. we will tl you why the latest shuttle mission is a first of its kind. >> this free nights goodbye. we will tell you why. >> clear skies this morning . will the sunshine last?
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>> welcome back. brian van de graaff. it is nippy. temperatures in the 40's. it was 72 yesterday. if today the sunshine will continue. a weak cold front across will g cooler air. in the 40's. a couple of 50's in the warmer spots. low 50's from stafford to 54
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degrees downtown, 47 in frederick. a few passing clouds expected. highs in the low to mid 60's. how about the traffic? >> brolin nicely down in virginia. good on 66. quiet on 81. the toll road running smoothly. on the beltway it looks good. north of 495 toure the 14th street bridge, everything is quiet. the hov looks good. to 70 southbound 4121, the wreck on both shoulders. >> thank you. parking meter hours in arlington could eventually be extended until night and weekends. that proposal is included in a
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20-year parking plan with the county board approved on a weekend. the plan also imapproved a variable rates. all the changes would require further board action and not expected anytime soon. >> on this monday morning it's 53 degrees. >> a family's final plea for answers after someone steal the remains of a war hero. >> all systems are ago. the latest on the atlantis trip to orbit. the latest on the atlantis trip to orbit.
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>> your watching abc 7 "good morning washington." >> in our top stories on this
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monday, d.c. leaders eleazer g4 answers after nine year-old boy was gunned down in his own home. we are expecting a press conference this morning. oscar plan does died when a bullet came through the front door of its columbia heights apartment saturday night. police have questioned several people. >> no sign of a five year-old north carolina girl missing since tuesday. rescue crews spent yesterday looking for tonight davis. they will resume today. the girl's mother is charged with human trafficking and a child abuse. she knowingly used the little girl as a prostitute. >> all systems are go for the space shuttle atlantis, scheduled for liftoff ibarra this afternoon at 2:28. they will bring spare parts to the international space station and bring one astronaut back home. the liftoff will be treated live for the first-time effort. >> the family of a korean war veteran whose remains were
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stolen is leading the d.c. area without recovering them. >> i feel like once we leave that i will work toward -- all the work towards finding my dad's remains will come to a stop. >> the family of the late colonel norbert schmidt have been pleading for the return of his ashes. the urn was stolen from a rented van on thursday from a rented van on the national mall. it was supposed to be buried at arlington national on friday. however, the ceremony took place without his remains. funeral services will be held this morning for a marine from carroll county maryland. for sergeant charles cartwright was killed in afghanistan this month while supporting combat operations. he was 26. if you'll take place at the union bridge powerball where his father served as the assistant chief. -- union bridge fire hall. >> how are things moving for a monday morning, lisa.
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>> out of frederick, md. there's a crash onto 70 southbound before 121. this is the beltway traffic in montgomery county. that is moving nicely. all 66 miles of it. traffic on the way to the beltway is 95. lights heading north bound with no disruption in service on 95, 66, or 395. now let's go to brian van de graaff. >> temperatures, mid 50's in germantown, 47 in middletown, 52 in a brawl broke. -- in upper malboro. tetris are not as tuesday as yesterday. > -- temperatures are not as warm as yesterday. there are few clouds. maybe some patchy fog this morning. if looks like a very nice day
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today. apple sunshine. sunshine tomorrow with a few clouds. the next system will move in from the west. that could send us extra clouds by wednesday. if possible moisture on weekends. we will keep an eye on it. it will warm up with a few chances of showers by the middle of the week. back to you. >> thank you. the dvd that will never die. >> more people say they are willing to spend money for their daily news. vinita nair has more from abc. >> paying to read the news on line. a new study finds under half of americans would be willing to pay for news on the web, including on mobile devices. but they would not pay much. an average of just $3. one of the main reasons we're not willing to pay if israel used to getting almost everything for free. the space shuttle atlantis blasts off this afternoon.
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nasa has invited 100 fans watched lived off and if to tweak about it. designed to amass a build support for future space travel. -- the program is designed to build support for future space travel. dell is launching a telephone overseas debt will be available in china and brazil this year. it as a touchscreen but no keyboard and runs on google operating system. d b d's don't last forever -- dvd's don't ask berger, a company called cranbury has developed a dvd that wall deteriorated 4000 years. your informational last your lifetime. video may have killed the radio star, but facebook is taking a shot at mtv.
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shakira is debuting her new music video on the social networking site today. the video is one of the first to premiere on the site. she will present the video live along with a short interview. it begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern. for information on all these stories, logon to the technology page at abc >> 52 degrees on this monday. >> still ahead, the washington redskins, with their best performance of the season. we will have highlights and reactions from one of the rising stars of the game, coming up. >> former vice presidential candidate sarah palin, the exclusive interview on "oprah." watch it on abc 7 at 4:00. you don't want to miss it.
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>> given the does, netboothe re. the skins had one of their players injured. but that's allowed ladell betts to prove his worth in the upset over the broncos. 27-17. >> if it's all about the beginning. they have been hard to come by. i am glad to get in front of our
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fans. glad i was able to provide a spark. >> the redskins are 3 and 6 with a little more momentum going into dallas. the indianapolis colts trailed by 17 to new england. they rallied to within six. then there was a shocker. the patriots went for it on a fourth-down. but they failed. the colts drove a short distance for a 35-34 win. >> in our bloomberg report, a big news out of general motors. good morning, linda. >> the bailout that gm received from the government, it looks like the auto maker will be paying some of it back sooner than expected. gm will start paying $6.7
5:26 am
billion of it next month. this is five years ahead of schedule. this person said gm attempts to make a $1 billion repayment each quarter with the first installment december 31. stock-index futures are indicating a higher open. president barack obama is continuing his trip to asia. the dollar weakens. there's a report today on october retail sales from the commerce department. the ceo of toys "r" us are calling them the hottest toys in four years. these robotic answers, they're having trouble keeping them in stock. an analyst says they are the hottest toys since the 10th anniversary of tickle-me-elmo that came out in 2006. back to you. >> thank you. i wish i had thought of that.
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you never know. we have 53 degrees. the news continues in a moment. >> in the next half-hour, inside the mind of a killer. one of the d.c. sniper's attorneys is writing a tell-all. >> the u.s. seized religious sites in washington last week and some are speaking out against this. >> the government plans to step been after a rise in subway derailment angeles and across the country. i will have a live report coming up. >> we are keeping an eye on a little front swinging through. that could mean much colder air for the afternoon. all of the
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>> live and in haiti, this d, ts "good morning washinton" on your side. >> we begin with your traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. picking up where we left off yesterday. >> the sun is shining. it was 72 yesterday. today, low to mid 60's. >> not bad. >> it will be sunny. >> funny to see people walking around in shorts in mid november. >> 51 degrees in riverdale. 49 in fairfax. the wind is calm as you go through the day. sunshine and a few scattered clouds. it gets even cooler by tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> what about the traffic? >> moving ice the roundabout way.
5:31 am
overnight construction is completely gone from 495 parikh looks good inside the beltway the northeast and southeast. between fredericksburg and baltimore, paranormal travel times and the green wave, 66, 270. there is a wreck before you get to 121. there's quite a traffic out of germantown to the beltway. the rails are on normal service. back to you. >> transit systems, like metro, could soon be under the oslo i of the federal gordon. the white house says the plan would help passengers get where they are going safely, but not everyone wants more regulation. kathy park is live in northeast with some reaction from passengers to this. >> good morning. if the call to action from the obama administration stems from what happened here several months ago. the debt limit collision and other serious incidents on subway systems across the
5:32 am
country. some reasons why the governme wants to step in. not everyone believes this is the right moves. as law in place since 1965 prohibits the federal government from a delay in our nation subways. the obama administration plans to change that rule. the proposal is in response to a rise in collisions, the relevance, and worker fatalities across the country. one incident that stands out happen locally on june 22. lawmakers are calling for more oversight. but that is what we have been living with. asking for federal state standards. >> the u.s. promise of transportation would keep track of safety certification programs, similar to what is already in place for airlines and amtrak. jim graeme is for the standards. >> we need this. our transit systems in the u.s. need this, all of them. wexler actions are mixed from
5:33 am
rhett -- from metro passengers. >> it is silly, ill founded, and an excuse to grab more power. >> it might make a little safer, but i don't think it will speed anything up. >> the transportation secretary expects the proposal to be presented to congress in just a few weeks. a metric spokesperson said the agency has not seen the full details of the proposal but welcomes any additional safety measures. >> thank-you. a new metro parking garage just opened a half hour ago. the $16 million garage is at the minnesota avenue station on the orange line. it has four levels, 333 parking spaces. it replaces a surface parking lot with the same number of spaces. delays are no longer expected on the virginia railway express, of fredericksburg line today. signal work was likely going to
5:34 am
push seduled behind, they thought, but it went faster than expected. if of fredericksburg and natchez lines will run on normal schedule today. what police are stepping up patrols in northwest d.c. neighborhood where a child was murdered in his own home. nine year-old oscar fuentes was killed saturday night on the 1400 block of columbia road spirit of shots were fired through a door in a hallway. it appears the shooter was trying big target someone else inside the apartment. police have questioned several people. no arrests. the iranian parliament called the u.s. government's attempt to seize several religious sites disgrace. the officials said the move shows the president obama talking about change was deceitful and that is no different from president bush. the islamic education center in potomac, md., two or three other mosques and the u.s. skyscraper could be seized four suspected triperoxide. >> congress moving forward into
5:35 am
the investigation at the shootings at fort hood, despite president obama's call told off. there are investigating possible ties with the alleged shooter and what mean i have had with terrorist groups. the radical imam said he did not pressure pursuit to harm americans. that cleric called before the attack acceptable under islam. -- called the fort hood attack acceptable under islam. in other news, the lawyer of john allen mohammed asha, the d.c. sniper,aid he and the suspect became close and that the book was his idea. some are calling it inappropriate. >> former vice presidential candidate sarah palin will appear on ""the oprah show" and 3 shobes" today to promote her
5:36 am
new book. it hits bookstores tomorrow. if she writes about their anguish over her teenage daughter's pregnancy playing out before a national audience. she discusses tensions between her advisers and senator mccain during the presidential campaign. she talks about the growing experienced by the media. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> she's on there to get increased book sales. >> it will air at 4:00 this afternoon on abc 7. >> freedom of speech is back at fedex field. the redskins have revised the ban on bringing signs into the stadium. they made the change just before yesterday's game against the broncos. you are able to bring the signs and banners now as long as they are in good taste and that they don't block the view of other fans. the team is due to the crackdown last month, citing security for the fans and comfort. >> i think dan snyder had
5:37 am
something to do with it. we have 52 degrees in roslyn. >> coming up, a big day couple of former beatle. we will tell you about paul mccartney's latest honor and why it has aocal ties. but president obama in china defending the virtues of twitter. i will have that story just ahead. i am matt brock. >> wfirst thanksgiving.osting hr
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so she turned to target to get it all for a low price. she expects her in-laws will be thankful it feels like home. she expects, with practice, her flair for fall will be flawless. and thanks to target's great prices, she'll get everything she needs to make her first thanksgiving memorable for all. target. expect more. pay less.
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help the salvation army this year. good morning, washington. >> welcome back. 5:39 on this monday morning. we hope to have another beautiful day like yesterday. >> if no problems on the roads this morning. pierre is lisa. >> -- here is lisa. there's a crash onto 70 southbound between 109 and 121. i will show you the impact it's having already. traffic is crawling. it was moved to both shoulders
5:41 am
right away. let's talk about travel times. between germantown and the beltway it's in our favor. no disruption in service along 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. in springfield, setting northbound looking fine. >> let's go to the weather center. >> we are a 52 degrees downtown. cold front sneaking across the area. that will make for a cooler day than yesterday. members range in the 40's to below 50's. highs today in a low to mid 60's this afternoon. 63 degrees or so. sunshine with you passing clouds. a nice day. typically 57 degrees. this is 5 degrees warmer than average. will talk about the rest of becoming a. >> thank you. it's monday morning. 52 degrees. >> it could be spent on a happy
5:42 am
holiday for a lot of people. thanksgiving donations are drying up in loudoun county. we will tell you how to help. >> gm is ready to repay the government. if we will have that and
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>> 5:44 on this monday. the white house is taking on metro's safety. the obama administration plans to propose the of the federal government takeover since deregulation of the nation's subway and light rail systems. >> general motors will soon begin paying back nearly $7 billion in governme loans. the auto maker is expected to make a fresh payment next month and could pay off the full amount by 2011, four it years ahead of schedule.
5:46 am
an announcement expected today. >> na getting ready for its last want of the year. the space shuttle atlantis will launch at 2:28 this afternoon. it will bring spare parts to the international space station and bring one astronaut's back home. if nasa has invited fans for the first time to do twee aboutt list of live. >> a nonprofit in loudoun county may not be able to provide full meals to the families in need this thanksgiving. the department of family service says many additional families are seeking help, but donations are down. yesrday a volunteer and her family help. >> i used to get help, myself. >> she and her son told their good deed will inspire others to give more than ever to the po
5:47 am
or this year. >> how are things moving out there, lisa? >> these bown 66, northbound 95, heavy volume. there are no direct sunlight to the beltway. inbound sootland parkway, aleynikov osed. across the american legion bridge, we are in good shape. to 70 between germantown and the beltway, looks good. a little bit tough outer frederick with iraq's south bound onto 70 before 121. that is completely on the right shoulder. brian van de graaff in the weather center. >> thank you. temperatures are all over the place. we have a couple of 30's altera to the west. you may want to and put an extra layer on. it will be a cold start. 45 in hunting dotown.
5:48 am
44 degrees in leesburg. i want to show you there's a the cold front that is dropping across the area. working its way across our area today, that will adjust our temperatures and shift armond out of the north at 5-10. if th -- shift our air around. low to mid 60's this afternoon. not bad. there's not much action happening on the front. not a lot of cloud cover or rain. it's all in the midwest. we will have to keep an eye on it this week. progressively increasing clouds by the middle of the week. that will increase, i think. temperatures will be in the 50's on tuesday and wednesday with partly cloudy skies. an increasing cloud cover by wednesday.
5:49 am
a slight chance of showers by thursday into friday as the front swings through. temperatures will be in the 50- degree range. in the 50's on a weekend. today will be one of the better days. a fair amount of sunshine today and for the first half of the week. >> thank you. paul mccartney can add another honor to his list of accomplishments. the congress will announce the former beatle as the winner of the 2010 prize for populous all. he will be the third recipient of the prestigious award, falling stevie wonder and paul simon. the library of congress praised him and called it an indelible and transformative on pop music. there's no word on where the sarah monnat all-star pop concert will be held. that will be a hot ticket. >> that will be fun. if we have another item. bruce springsteen might need a
5:50 am
little lesson in geography. a friday night gig at the palace of auburn hills, the boss shouted "tello, ohio" to his plans several times. the problem is auburn hills is in michigan. -- -- "hello, ohio." someone whispered the correction in his ear. he said it was every front man's worst nightmare. >> the wrong city. >> he did it repeatedly. finally, the ghadar player told him about it. -- the guitar player. 10 minutes before the hour on monday morning. 62 degrees outside. -- 52 degrees. 62 degrees outside. -- 52 degrees.
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>> of his stories to watch for in the day ahead. the montgomery county council will weigh the toll charges for the interim county connector. if the current proposal would charge $6 dollars for a trip from one end to the other. >> federal officials will tour an illinois prison to determine if it settled guantanamo bay detainee's. critics are questioning bringing
5:54 am
the suspects on u.s. soil. >> sarah palin will sit down with oprah winfrey this afternoon for a one-on-one interview. it coincides with the release of from memoir, entitled"going rogue." >> president obama calling for new cooperation with american allies in china. >> be held an overnight meeting with students in shanghai. he sent a strong signal to the ruling regime, calling on it to accept universal rights. matt brock is in our satellite center with details on the trip. >> on this for the presidential visit to china, the president took a long something quintessentially american, the town hall meeting. president obama wanted to make a point, taking office three-day visit with china's next generation. >> [the president giving a greeting in chinese] good afternoon.
5:55 am
>> and a country where the government balks social networks like twitter, the president took an opportunity to say the free flow of information makes a country stronger. >> off because then the citizens of countries around wrothe world can hold their bons governments accountable. they can begin to think for themselves. that generates new ideas. it encourages creativity. so i have always been a strong supporter of open internet use. >> students asked about his winning the nobel peace prize. >> i think the committee was inspired by the american people and the possibility of changing not only america but also america's approach to the world. and so, in some ways i think they gave me the prize, but i was more justice symbol of this
5:56 am
shift. >> a warm reception for the president. apparently none of what the president said made its way on chinese television. the president will spend the rest of his time to visit on more traditional diplomacy with local communist party officials and in beijing. the leadership of the country that is a crucial partner in so many issues on the american agenda. live in a satellite center this morning, matt brock. >> thank you. on this monday its 5:55 ricco lot more to come in our second hour. >> coming up dominik al-zawraa, a health warning for anybody taking cholesterol drugs. a new study raising fresh questions about the safety of two popular pills. >> i am courtney robinson at police headquarters. officers searching for the person responsible for shooting and killing a little boy inside is all. neighbors say the building unsafe. a full report coming up. >> liesyl will help you navigate
5:57 am
your monday morning commute. we will continue in just 90 seconds. stay with us. - kids: cup-cakes! cup-cakes! cup-cakes! cup-cakes! - come on. cup-cakes! cup-- re-do! re-do! ( stove dings ) cup-cakes! cup-cakes! cup-cakes! ( cheering ) announcer: relax. pam helps you pull it off.
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>> a child shot inside his home. police and community leaders are taking action to stop the violence. >> sarah palin is launching her
5:59 am
book tour tomorrow. more information coming up. >> more oversight for metro. the white house wants the federal or to take over subway safety gear ran around the country. continues right now. -- "good morning washinton" continues right now. >> good monday morning. 6:00 on this november 16. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. time for traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. let's hope we can continue what we had yesterday. >> if there is cool air moving in this afternoon. temperatures this morning from the mid 40's from mclean to leesburg to upper marlboro. there was a patch of fog

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